16 March 2015

Horses in the Snow

Many young kids dream of owning a horse but I wasn't in that camp.  I preferred running through the woods and playing basketball with the boys than riding horses.  We had a horse named Strawberry and though she was kind, she didn't feel like mine.  My father would have us train her and it felt more like work than fun.  

Even though I never really liked horses I did come to learn to appreciate them for their intelligence, their sheer size, and their good looks.  Last week I waxed poetic about cows and even though horses don't quite create the same feelings in my heart, I still think they are beautiful.  

I was especially fond of these horses as they rolled in the snow and galloped around like it was summer.  This day was particularly cold but they didn't seem to mind it one bit.  These horses were big and well fed.  They seemed to like the company as I sat idling in my car snapping photos.  But I didn't come out in the freezing temperatures to look at horses so I said my goodbyes.

Though my trip was mostly to relocate a Snow Owl and Gryfalcon (which I dipped on both!) I was given the consolation prize of a field of turkeys.  These Wild Turkeys were a welcome sight and new for the year list!  Andy is only ahead of me by two for the year so I hope that means the tide is turning!

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