17 April 2015

Breaking Into Birding

Do you remember the spark bird that turned you from casual observer to birdwatcher?  Mine was a group of birds - warblers.  It occurred in the spring of 2007 at Green Cay Nature Center & Wetlands.  Something about identifying the birds felt so perfect.

If you know someone that has an interest in birds but isn't a full-fledged birder yet then I have a place that is sure to spark their love of birding. Breaking Into Birding is a new session at Hog Island Audubon Camp that is purposely geared towards beginners.  We promise to delight the senses, show people beautiful birds, and hopefully find them that spark bird that changes their life.

No experience is necessary and we have world-class instructors there to guide you every inch of the way.  You will see Atlantic Puffins on Egg Rock and nesting Ospreys on Hog Island.  The food is fresh and local, while the accommodations are rustic Maine cabins.  Be a part of Hog Island history and let us row you ashore.  There's only 8 spots left, so register today!

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