30 August 2013

Daisy Dog

For the past couple of months our lives have changed even more than just uprooting across the country, we also got a dog.  She's a rescue pup that definitely needed some love and attention.  We are so happy our funny little Daisy has come into our lives.

We've been taking her on hikes, soaking her in rivers and creeks, and most of all we have been showering her with affection.

Some days I take her to work with me.  She curls up on her bed and keeps me company.  She especially likes when the other office workers come and giver her attention.  The dogs across the way are not totally sure of them but she enjoys watching them as they go out for walks.

Daisy was attacked in her previous home by another dog and then surrendered.  She came to use with a little bit of fear towards other dogs but we've been trying our best to socialize her.  So far it's working out great.  Above, she plays a little tug of war with Arlis.

An unexpected tumor was found not long after we got her so with a little help from our friends and family we set up the surgery.  She had 3 small tumors removed, lost a mammary nipple, and also they took out an unknown mass.  She wore the cone of shame for 2 weeks but she's all healed up now and almost back to full energy.  She's already chasing squirrels but she doesn't have the jump height that she did formally.

Em and I are very happy to have such a little sweetheart.  She's funny looking sometimes with that underbite but it helps make every situation a little less uptight.  A couple of weeks back Em asked me "Do you remember when we didn't have a dog?"  I said "Yeah." And her response was "That was sad."  You know, I definitely hesitated with getting a new pup but I'm glad I took the leap because she's brought us some joy and laughter over the past couple of months.  We're lucky to have a dog that's well behaved, quiet, and chill.  Also, one that's providing endless amounts of amusement.

This shot was taken on Daisy's first trip to the Poudre River back in June.  She saw us walk in and she went right in over her head and swam down river.  I guess we got a river dog and a sweet one to boot!  


Kimmie said...

I like Daisy's mean mugging pictures :-)

Eva Matthews said...

Yesterday a man said she looked like a bruiser. She's such a sweetie but has a mean look to some people.