02 September 2013

Puerto Rico Cliffs

Florida provided me with a great starting destination for many tropical vacations.  During my 6 years in the state I jet-setted to the Bahamas, Bolivia, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica but Puerto Rico was something special.  It's an easy to visit destination without the need of passports and you don't see the military presence that many other vacation destinations provide.  I know they were keeping the peace but having armed military patrolling the park with an AK-47 put a damper on the relaxing part of vacation.  Also the people in Puerto Rico are friendly, the food is pretty delicious, and there's Puerto Rican rum everywhere.  I would love to have a Painkiller on Vieques about now.  Let's not forget the great birding opportunities.  And if a Puerto Rican Tody isn't enough to bring you there, check out the scenery:

I guess you could say I'm missing Florida a little right now but Colorado isn't so bad. Later this week I'll post some photos of Rocky Mountain National Park and it definitely rivals Puerto Rican cliffs for beauty.

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Kimmie said...

Florida misses you guys too!