17 November 2012

Green Cay Morning

The skies were beautiful this morning at Green Cay.  The above photo was taken at 7:30AM.  You can tell by the yellow coloration of the marsh plants that it's autumn in Florida.  We don't see many leaves change color but generally everything becomes a little dull, more brown and yellow than green. 

No matter what time of year, the marsh is always pretty at sunrise.  I could take this photo every day for a hundred days and it would always look just a little bit different, the Green Cay Wetlands have become dear to me. 

For those that don't know, I am almost done with my first semester of graduate school.  So far, things are going quite well in my classes and I'm learning a lot which is the most important.  When school is finished (or maybe before) I will be departing South Florida.  I guess I better appreciate every sunrise I see at Green Cay until then.

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