19 November 2012

Migration Day: Big Sit

This year for Green Cay's annual Migration Celebration, we decided to host our first festival Big Sit.  Starting at 7AM, faithful volunteers and visitors counted all the birds seen from our 17 foot circle on the back deck.  The winds that day were gusting up to 20mph due to nearby Hurricane Sandy but the skies turned blue and the birds were around, albeit blowing about a little more than normal. 

I suspect our Big Sit totals were a little low due to the small passerines hunkering down and not attempting flights over the open water near out spot.  We still squeaked out a nice list of 42 species seen from 7AM-2PM.

Above shows you a photo of the nature center and in the center is the back deck count circle.  If you zoom in you will even see our faithful volunteers: Emily and Kimmie.  Special thanks for the optics go to The Friends of Green Cay, and the volunteers that really put in the hours which include Emily, Kimmie, and Holly.  Thanks everyone else that stopped by or helped with the count! 

The next Green Cay Big Sit is scheduled for December 22, 2012, starting at 7AM.  No reservations required, just stop by the back deck.

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