01 October 2012

Green Cay Updates

Working at Green Cay is going well these days.  We are funded for 2013, our Migration Celebration is happening on October 27th, and I won a Golden Palm Award.  October is the beginning of snow bird season so attendance should be picking up.  We already have a few migrant birds coming through including a recently seen Wilson's Warbler, a male Painted Bunting, and our first winter Blue-winged Teal.  Plus, the baby Bobcats are making daily appearances. 

It's been so busy that I haven't had the time to update the blog but you better believe I finished out a great year of Bird-a-Day.  Look for my posted list of birds later this week!  And in other news, I'm in a graduate school program so if you don't see me much online I haven't forgotten The Flying Mullet days of life.  You better believe I have some camping trips planned, a few fun trips coming up, and the birding will continue.  Next up: The Big Sit at Green Cay's Migration Celebration.  We start counting birds from the back deck at 7AM.  Join us! 

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