11 September 2012

Lifer Kentucky Warbler!

Today is number 255 in my Bird-a-Day efforts and after being stuck in Miami rush hour for two hours I was almost at my wits end.  The rain was coming down in buckets and it was already 6:30PM.  I was just beginning to think my hopes of seeing a lifer Kentucky Warbler were dashed but traffic eventually moved and the skies stopped raining just long enough for me to check A.D. Barnes Park.

I walked the sidewalk towards Homeless Hammock.  I followed the directions from birders who had posted of the whearabouts earlier in the day.  And sure enough it was right there, 5 feet away from me on the edge of the hammock.  I ran back to the car and took a few photos.  I know they are crummy but they show my lifer Kentucky Warbler.  I haven't been this stoked about a lifer in ages.  I guess the doubt that mounted in my stressful commute and the rain had me down but this little warbler picked up my spirits.  I was literally beaming while watching him hunt insects in the leaf litter.  It was hard to walk away but I did so happily knowing that I found the prize and the long hours in the car were worth it.  I topped off the celebration with a Shipyard Pumpkinhead once I was home. Thanks Kentucky Warbler for sticking around!  And thanks Miami birders who diligently post their sightings on TAS.   


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