20 June 2012

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Tarpon Springs, Florida is a curious little town with a history rich in Greek tradition.  In the early 1900s sponge diving boomed and Greek sponge divers flocked to the area.  By the late 1940s the sponge heyday was over but the Greek transplants stayed.  Now you can walk the streets of Dodecanese Avenue in the Sponge Docks District and see relics of another time.  There are plenty of stores where you can buy sponge souveniors, mostly imported.  While I was there I had a delicious gyro and some killer honey almond cookies. 

If you're on the Gulf side of Florida and find some time I highly recommend a little side trip to Tarpon Springs.  Enjoy the beach parks of Pinellas County and eat some great Greek food downtown.  The sights and sounds alone will be worth your time.  If you're curious about the history of this area check out the Tarpon Springs Historical Society's webpage.

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