21 June 2012

Howard Park Shorebirds

A short drive from the Sponge Docks of Tarpon Springs you will find a delightful little County beach area called Howard Park.  The picnic areas are nice and shaded and the causeway is just full of birds.  I was really happy to see some late strays such as Red-breasted Merganser and my first Florida sighting of a Common Loon.  On the beach held a variety of shorebirds like dowitchers and plovers.  Some like the Black-bellied Plover below were displaying some nice breeding patterns.  And if you're a sunset admirer, then look no further for a place to watch the sky show.  This place gave a spectacular sunset view.  I loved it so much that I had to see it the following evening as well. 

In addition to the fine birds seen in this post, one of my favorite birds of all time uses Howard Park as a congregating area.  Come back tomorrow to see the stunning shots I got of Black  Skimmers at Howard Park.

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