14 June 2012

Orange Juice Factory

If you cross Florida north of Lake Okeechobee you will find beautiful flood plains and farms.  I was surprised to find on my recent trip an orange juice factory.  Outside were literally hundreds of semi-beds full of oranges.  Oranges were on the streets, on the coveyor belts, on the sides of the roads.  And of course there are orange groves all around.  But the factory took the cake for me and reminded that I really am in Florida.  It was quite the view with the large stacks puffing smoke and the bright oranges going into the factory.

Most people visit Florida and either drive down I-95 or I-75 right along the coast and never see the interior of the state.  Orlando does not count as the interior since it's mostly a sprawling mess of entertainment parks and restuarants.  Central Florida is full of surprises and most people that even live here don't see it.  I urge you to get out there and explore the small towns, visit Lake Okeechobee, check out some of our natural areas, and stop by the road when you see something unique like an orange juice factory.

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