12 June 2012

Red-masked Parakeet

The exotic bird populations in South Florida continue to amaze me. I'm always surprised when large flocks of parakeets or parrots fly overhead but it's a common sight.  Recently I had a lifer exotic moment at Matheson Park in Miami-Dade.  On the back end of the nature trail by the dog park I saw my first ever Red-masked Parakeets.  Not only did I see one but I saw a nesting pair.  They were very curious and dangled below the palm tree giving me interesting angles like the one below.

The Bird A Day project has really improved my birding motivation.  Even during these hot summer months I have a reason to get out there and look for something, even if it is an exotic parakeet that is now reproducing and calling South Florida home.  The birds continue to amaze me and it's fun finding a new species.  

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