15 September 2011

Michigan Camping

Our mini-Jekyll reunion took place near Ludington, Michigan this summer.  Katie, Melanie, Heather and I all met up near the lake for some camping and catching up.  We consumed some beverages, mostly beer.  We went to a few bars: The Mitten Bar being my favorite but The Rail treated us well too.  And we explored Ludington State Park.  The big lake was cold but invigorating and I enjoyed swimming with some of my favorite ladies in the big icey pool.  We also had some lounging times at another small lake but probably the best part of the trip was just hanging out at the campfire.  I loved our campsite and the weather was perfect for being outdoors.  I can't wait until the next reunion with these fine folks!

Best bird of the campsite: Least Flycatcher
Best beer of the campsite: New Holland Mad Hatter

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