14 September 2011

Ginnie Springs Camping

Ginnie Springs Campground may be one of the most fun in Florida but also the loudest.  We arrived for our camping trip around midnight and by the sound of it, the party had just started.  We found a campsite in the Beaver Landing area and set up our tents.  After the humidity soaked us through we walked down to the springs for a little night dip.  Ginnie Springs is also the only spring that I know of that actually keeps a lights on at night for swimming.  This is one of those private, anything goes kind of places.

For the next two days we enjoyed swimming, floating down the river, and hanging by the campsite.  The mosquitoes weren't too bad and the heat of the day was spent in the cool 70 degree waters to cool us down.  If you're looking for a camping destination in summer while in Florida, I believe the only place that is bearable are the springs.

Even with the large crowds were found bits of natural encounters.  Damselflies of all kinds would ride the rafts with us down river.  And the snorkeling is easy in these clear waters.  We saw bass, catfish, and sunfish of all kinds.  We also woke up each morning to a cacophany of bird calls from the Fish Crows roosting above our campsite. 

I highly recommend a trip to Ginnie Springs, even if its just a day trip.  Floating down the Santa Fe River is so relaxing and then swimming in one of the parks six springs is also a nice way to unwind from a hard work week.  I will definitely be returning to this little piece of Florida heaven.  Maybe next time I'll try on a less busy weekend.

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