28 May 2010

Ft. Lauderdale Monkeys

Normally people see monkeys in zoos or circuses or another country but it's not often that you see a monkey in your own state. I took the red-eye out of Vegas and arrived at the Fort Lauderdale airport early one Wednesday morning. My shuttle picked me up and took me to my car but about 100 yards before my drop off the bus driver stopped and said "There's the monkeys, right on time." I thought he was kidding or that I was still in a dream-like state but sure enough out the window I saw three monkeys.

I've been teaching people about exotic animals in Florida for three years now. During my presentation I even talk about the Vervet "Green" Monkeys in Broward County but I never dreamed I would see them on my way from the airport. Usually the first animal you see when you fly back home is a squirrel, a pigeon, a dove or starling, but not a monkey. This was certainly a first! If you're Broward County make sure you keep your eyes peeled for these little guys. I hear that the population is at a stable 100 individuals or so.

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