27 May 2010

Big Sheep, Big Dam

I've heard of the Hoover Dam my whole life. It's the scene in one of Barbara Kingsolver's novel Pigs in Heaven where little Turtle watches a man jump over or fall. However you remember it, it's the Hoover Dam. It's a place that doesn't really mean much to me otherwise but it's landmark so we did take a brief stop so I could snap a picture of the big dam. The more exciting memory I will always link to it is right before turning the corner to see the dam there was a sign with sheep on it and immediately to my right, high on the ledge were a group of Bighorn Sheep. There's nothing like seeing a new animal but even moreso when it's a big animal and one you weren't expecting. So the big dam will always be remembered as the spot I saw my first Bighorn Sheep.


Lorac said...

It is really grand. Great photos of it!

Eva said...

Thanks! I really liked that whole area of the country. I can't wait until my next Southwest visit.