05 December 2008

Blue-gray Friday

Heard before seen
Small blue-gray
White eye-ring

An insect cop
Flicking tail
Erractic hops

White belly, small
In a flock
Listen for the call

All photos used with permission by Bill Kominsky. Photos taken at Green Cay.


dAwN said...

Great pictures and prose about the sweet little blue gray knatcatcher.

Eva said...

I love watching Blue-grays with all their fun movements. Thanks for stopping by.

island timer said...

WOW - this Bill fellow is akways at the rigth place at the right time!! :)

BEAUTIFUL photographs and cute phrases, too.

Eva said...

Bill's a friend of mine that is constantly taking great shots out here at Green Cay. He has a fancy camera and know-how to take great shots. I on the other hand am just a naturalist...very little equipment to capture birds like him.

Mel said...

Great post!