08 December 2008

Kestral Central

All photos taken at Green Cay. Used with permission by Bill Kominsky.

For most people in the United States the American Kestral is a year around bird. Here in South Florida it isn't seen until the "winter" months approach. Now that the days have been cool, kestrals are literally everywhere! On my one birding day this weekend alone I must have seen 2 dozen kestral. At one little pull over I could count 3 without even using my binoculars. It's definitely a welcoming sight to have these little raptors back around.


Anonymous said...

I envy your southern position. I am not sure I am a northerner. Once I get his boy out of school, he is a senior and wants to go to Florida. Teehee

Anonymous said...

my boy,this boy, the boy

Eva said...

I KNOW I'm not a northerner but sometimes I would like to have real seasons.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome to visit our seasons anytime. Come on up!