20 March 2008

Ocean Avenue

With an address like Ocean Avenue I felt I wouldn't be too far off target to include this post. Mostly ths is for my family and friends who are curious about my new digs. Let's go on a little tour of the property.

First we have the front of the house. It's pretty unique in layout. This building in front of the front door is a little covered shed area with a small closet that stores my roommates windsurfing equipment. By the front entrance we have some xeriscaping plants and rocks and old coral. And the colors are typical for a house near the beach, but I kind of like it in the tacky Florida sort of way.

If you walk around to the back of the house we have a fenced in area with a hot tub and a screened in porch. I'm standing on a little dining area that is raised and has brick tiles. The yard space is cozy. So far I've seen mostly European Starlings, Eurasian Collared Doves, Common Grackles and one lone Red-bellied Woodpecker. In the morning I hear Northern Cardinals singing outside my window.

This screened in area has our bikes and two doors, one to my bedroom and one to the kitchen. I like the house, all tile floors are an extra plus in the South Florida heat. Plus, a house with a yard is so much nicer than the townhome I was living in.

The kitchen is small but big enough for the two of us. I like to eat my meals outside in the backyard. We are on top of a hill so we get a nice breeze from the ocean most days.

Once past the kitchen we have the living room area and dining area. Also my room and bedroom are on the bottom floor of the house. That second story that you saw on the house is where my roommate lives. He has a room, bathroom, and lots of storage space; he also pays more of the rent.

The unpacking was mostly done by the time I took these pictures. You can still see some things piled up and my blue sleeping bag out on the bed. Hopefully, I will be cleaning out some accumulated clutter and giving it to Goodwill soon.

If you've made it this far, I'll leave you with a parting shot of my window area. There is an assortment of bones that I collected at Jekyll Island over the years, mostly marine artifacts. Some old whale vertebrae washed up after a tropical storm once and then there's a loon bone from my time in Maryland. All of this is coupled with candles and incense to make it a complete dust grabbing collection. I have an easterly facing window so I always have a nice breeze. It's great living in Florida this time of year....no A/C, windows all open. I'm going to dread the hot and humid summer.


thea said...

hey! congrats on the new place... it looks sweet. what nerds we are... i've got bone lined windows too: )

Eva Matthews said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one!

One of these days I'm going to have to come visit.