26 January 2015

Ithaca Birding

Cayuga Lake is a hotspot of activity in Ithaca this time of year.  Over the weekend some friends and I went out to explore a few spots on the eastern shore.  We hit up East Shore Park first where we found large rafts of Redheads, Canvasbacks, and a smattering of American Coots and gulls.

From there we stopped at Salt Point Road at Myer's Park where we had a couple of flocks of Tundra Swans that gave us nice looks.  Near the lighthouse at Myer's Park one of the flocks flew by, which was a treat.

In addition to the ducks and swans we also had plenty of opportunity to look at Great Black-backed Gulls, Herring Gulls, and Ring-billed Gulls.  The best part of the day (outside of the company) was the fact that the weather was pleasant and not too cold or windy.

We left the coastline to find a few field birds.  Come back later this week to get the full report.

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