15 January 2015

10th Anniversary of MLK Farm Weekend

Back in 2005 my closest co-workers and friends decided to spend MLK holiday at my family's farm in South Carolina.  One year turned into ten and here we are celebrating over a decade of fun-filled weekends together.

Every year has a slightly different cast of characters, though once invited you do have lifetime rights to come back on MLK weekend and join in the festivities.  

Often we take hikes, go birding, get muddy, climb on tractors.

Since my family is a true Southern family there are also guns which we shoot at skeet or cans. Often we have a friendly competition but don't worry, safety is always first.

We also just let loose and have fun.  One year we rode horses, the next year we hiked every day what seemed like miles.  Some years we ride 4-wheelers and other years we climb trees.  Last time we hosted a Farm Olympics with assorted yard games.  

There are some traditions every year - like a walk to the fairy knees, a bonfire, fireworks, good food, hiking, and plenty of libations to keep us lively.

To celebrate the 10 years of MLK Farm Fun, I want to thank everyone who has made this weekend special.  My friends, my family, the dogs, the neighbors, and of course the land itself, has made the last 10 years so memorable.  I hope that in 10 more years we're still having fun on the South Carolina farm!

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