05 December 2014

Celebration - New Job, Master's Degree, New Beginnings

Today I finished my Master's of Science in Recreation & Parks Management.  This three year endeavor has been stressful at times, fun at others, but tonight I completed my final requirements in the presence of a few dear friends and my advisor.  I am indebted to each of my cohort peers, my family, but ultimately a huge thanks to my lovely Lark for always supporting me.

The other big news is I also just finished my last day of work in Colorado (for now) and am officially moving to New York to join the Audubon as their new Hog Island Program Manager.  I'll be in Ithaca for Fall, Winter, and Spring and in Breman, Maine for most of the long summer.  I can't wait to start this new chapter though the road may be bumpy at times.

Hog Island, Maine
Colorado will be missed but I'll focus on the future for now and who knows, we may one day be back.

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