21 November 2014

Utah Vacation

We spent a lovely weekend in Moab, Utah.  On our way out of Colorado we made a brief but entertaining stop at the border.  With the legalization of marijuana there were obvious signs such as this banker bag with over a gram or two of weed inclosed.  I guess as people near the border they are just ditching their supply.

We rolled into Moab with just enough time to grab a bite of lunch and head to Arches National Park.  It was just as stunning as I imagined it to be.  Plus, the light was perfect on the sandstone.  

This park surely knows how to deliver with beauty right off the bat.  We went to the very first Windows section of the park and hiked until dark.  I couldn't wait until morning so we could go back and do some further exploration.

As Edward Abbey says "the sky and the desert dissolve slowly into mystery under the chemistry of twilight." It's certainly a wonderful thing to observe.

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