08 December 2014

American Dipper

Finally the elusive American Dipper was bagged!  In celebration of completing my Master's I took the pups on a little drive down Poudre Canyon on Friday.  I've been searching for a dipper for over a year now but it finally all fell together.  I just took a chance at skimming the rocks as I slowly drove by the river and right after passing Mishawaka I saw the little dip jump off a rock.

The perfect place to see a dipper since a parking lot was literally 5 feet in reverse which I did despite the danger because of my overwhelming joy. A quick hop across the road and I was face to face with a nemesis bird.

You can see why the bird is easy to miss in the photo above due to it's uncanny ability to just turn into a rock.

This little fellow was perfect and gave me a show for about 15 minutes before flying downriver.  I watched it feed, swim, hop and bob.  The best part was I had it all to myself on a beautiful, sunny Colorado day.

Thanks little American Dipper with your rolly-polly body, your funny walk, and your feeding show on the Poudre River.  You made my day!

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