22 September 2014

Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in the United States.  This is a no guard rail, exhilarating ride through Rocky Mountain National Park with vistas for miles and peaks for days.  Once above treelike you can see all the way to Wyoming, it's just jaw-dropping beautiful.  Usually you creep along with sudden stops from tourists and the occasional animal crossing but on this late summer day we had the road to ourselves.  

As the fog rolled in our visibility was limited but then we would turn a curve and come face-to-face with snow-capped mountains with the soft glow of sunset.  The moon rose in the east and we headed west to Grand Lake.  Fortunately we were off the road before dark but not before we heard the bugle of elk through the misty, abandoned terrain.  Driving Trail Ridge Road is always exciting but made even more special when you find a lucky afternoon and it feels like you have the whole National Park to yourself.

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