12 September 2014

Bird Murals in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a fun and vibrant city full of life and art.  As I was walking down a seemingly boring alley near downtown I couldn't help but pause as these beautiful images jumped from the transformers and utility boxes.  I love all things birds but these works of art are more than that, they are just beautiful.  They take a hum-drum part of life and make it alive.

I recently read an article about murals and it even included a photo of one of Fort Collins bird utility boxes: http://heartfeltassociates.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/paintbrushes-ready-seven-reasons-to-make-a-mural/

I think murals are definitely used well in Larimer County, as you see them throughout Fort Collins and Loveland but I would love to see incorporated in other areas.  I definitely think its a nice way to bring the community together, create beautiful art, and make life a little more vibrant.

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