11 February 2014

Devil's Backbone with friends

Devil's Backbone is this really great hogback ridge near Loveland, CO.  There's a nice down and back trail that runs the length of the ridge and this is also the area that Em and I did some volunteer rattlesnake research this fall.  So when our dear friends Kristy and Ashley came to town, we couldn't think of a better place close by to go for a stroll.

We loaded up the dogs and headed to Devil's Backbone.  It was a gorgeous winter day and the trail was in good condition despite the melting snow. Our friends also seemed to enjoy getting out on the hike.

The trail provided us with a great lookout spot of the sun setting over the Rocky mountains. We watched the last sun drop over the mountain horizon and then we headed back to town.  Our final stop was the Big Beaver Brewery and Blown Spoke Cidery for some tasty spirits.  It was the perfect end to a wonderful visit from our friends.

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