10 February 2014

Baba Ghanoush: Wild Dog

Baba Ghanoush is turning into the sweetest  pup when playing with her sister Daisy, let's just say Noushy runs the roost.  They play and romp in the backyard but it's always the smallest dog that comes up the victor.

Baba Ghanoush bites Daisy on the ears, lips, tail, legs, and more importantly, those teeth are razor sharp.  Look at Daisy's face, it's one pleading for help.

I guess it's the maternal instincts of our sweet bulldog that prevents her from biting back or even giving a growl.  Instead she stands and endures the bites or more often, she runs to us with those pleading eyes and hopes we will notice and tell Noushy to lay off.

Needless to say, adding a new puppy to the home has certainly mixed things up and provided new entertainment.  And when Daisy isn't being harassed by the new pup, they are curled up like two bugs in a rug on the couch or providing each other company during the day while we're away.

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