09 January 2014

Snowy tracks

In the front yard we have a large Evergreen tree that takes of half the yard.  It's big and dense and it's always dry underneath, even after heavy snow.  I have seen a rabbit in the driveway twice since we moved here and always wondered if the tree was it's home. 

After the recent snowfall I was given definite proof of our very own snow bunny living in the front yard.  No wonder the dogs spend a few extra seconds sniffing the corner of the driveway, I'm sure they knew about the rabbit way before I did.

I would love a better look at our little yard rabbit but the dogs probably keep it pretty skittish.  If I was a rabbit, the yard of two dogs may not be my first choice but that big tree is delightful.  When I was looking at houses to rent, that tree grabbed my attention as soon as I drove up to the house.  I thought it was beautiful.  I'm glad to know it gives protection to our yard life.

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