05 December 2013

Snow Flyer

Daisy, our little French Bulldog/Boxer doesn't have much fur.  Her belly and chest is fairly bare so it's understandable that she hates the snow.  She hates the cold and never has more than three paws on the ground when outside.  She doesn't even want to go potty but there's one thing that can overcome all those feelings, a squirrel in the yard.

That's when the wimpy little bulldog becomes a snow flyer.  She leaps and bounds and soars around the yard.  She ignores the snow and the cold.  She only has eyes for the squirrel.

So our dog becomes a new beast, a snow flyer.  In the photo below you can see her bare little tummy turn pink and despite the cold she flies.  Reluctantly, I call her in, I can't have my snow flyer turning to snow.

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