27 November 2013

Douglas Reservoir Lifers

Douglas Reservoir

Douglas Reservoir is north of Fort Collins and recently there were reports of a Pacific Loon so Emily and I packed up last weekend to find it.  The access points to the reservoir are on both sides via a long gravel road but the birds seemed to all congregate on the northeastern side which is accessible only by foot paths.  With the foothills looming in the background, we found our first lifer of the day, a flock of sparrows and finches had our lifer American Tree Sparrow.  After identifying all the sparrows and goldfinches, we went in search of ducks and loons.  We found the large group of gulls and picked out a few ducks and then we saw the loon. It was different from the other birds and after making size comparisons and getting the right light we made the ID, our Pacific Loon was in the bag.  It was a great morning birding and even Daisy dog had a chance to explore the reservoir berm with us as well.  Can't wait to see what else Colorado has in store!

Birding our lifer American Tree Sparrow

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