15 November 2013

Swetsville Zoo

The Swetsville Zoo is right outside Fort Collins near Timnath, Colorado.  This bizarre "zoo" is the work of Bill Swets.  He creates each sculpture out of scrap metal and they are on display for anyone that wants to visit free of charge, donations accepted.  This zoo is filled with whimsical dinosaurs, alien-like creatures, and funny works of art - all fashioned from metal.

The Poudre River flows right by the property and allows scenic overlooks.  Swets has even incorporated the river into his artwork with funny looking creatures hauling in big catches.

The Swetsville Zoo is a nice pitstop of you're traveling along the I-25 corridor or happen to be out near Timnath.  Stop awhile, bring a picnic, and enjoy the whimsy. 

The best part of Swetsville Zoo is the unique local artwork.  It's a breathe of fresh air to see art with such comedy.  

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