13 November 2013

Brandt Morning

Back in 2004 I was living on Jekyll Island, Georgia and though not a birder, I saw my lifer Brandt.  It was found in the adjacent soccer field of my workplace by a visiting birder and stuck around for three weeks.  I've thought about that Brandt over the years and wondered when I would see another, this time in the scope of a birder's eye.  That moment presented itself when a Brandt was reported on Hout's Reservoir near Loveland, Colorado.

Just like my previous Brandt, it was an easy spot.  This time I didn't even need to park the car before seeing it by the lake's edge with three Canada Geese.  The group seemed a little wary of my presence so they went into the water but keep near the shoreline.  I spent some time watching them paddle out to a structure on the lake before leaving.

It was a beautiful morning and good to see an old friend again.  Thanks little Brandt for making my day.

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