18 May 2013

Colorado Living

After 4 days of driving I finally made it to Colorado.  I haven't wasted anytime since I arrived but it's slowly catching up to me this weekend.  On Thursday I bought a car, Friday I attained a CO license and returned the rental van, and Saturday I spent the day with friends in Denver.  Finally on Sunday I had a chance to unwind and go for a hike.

My afternoon Sunday hike was around Skunk Canyon on the south side of Boulder.  There is a great network of trails there and I ended up not going completely into the canyon and opted to hike up Kohler Mesa and then back down for a loop trail.  The birding highlights were Green-tailed Towhee, Spotted Towhee, and displaying Broad-tailed Hummingbirds.  I loved the small winding trails and the vistas.  It was a great way to enjoy my first hike in Colorado.

Work is going well but I do miss Green Cay.  It's not the same kind of job and I certainly don't get to do any birding but next week will have me teaching for the first time and meeting more people so that should provide at least a change of pace.  I know I left my dream job in Florida but I hope that my dream place will be Colorado.

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Cajunspice said...

Happy to hear that you made it there safely and that things are going well for you.