09 February 2013

Otters and Bobcats

This week has been exciting at Green Cay because a River Otter has joined the daily routine of the wetlands.  Each day the otter can be seen eating tadpoles and fish in the Alligator Hole area.  We also watch it swim around the nature center and run through the front entranceway on its way to its next feeding destination.  Some people this week even saw it run right by our baby Bobcat as she rested in some brush.  The otter didn't even notice as the still Bobcat watched it pass. 

For those not familiar with our Bobcats, we have a family of three currently spending much of their time near the entranceway to the nature center.  The mother has two kittens and they are nearing full grown cats.  I expect in the next month she will kick them out of her territory but until then, our visitors are delighted to see such a nice looking feline prowling the grounds.

When Bobcats are born they usually have blue eyes that turn to a brownish-yellow.  One of the kittens has one blue eye and one yellowish eye right now which seems odd.  I don't know if its other eye will change color or not but until then, it's an interesting sight.

You never know what you may see at Green Cay.  Right now, it's very busy with "snow birds," families, birders, and nature ethusiasts.  I would recommend coming late in the evening before sunset when the exercise walkers aren't here and the boardwalk crowds have calmed down.  It's one of my favorite times of day at the wetlands.  And surprisingly, the wildlife seems just as active if not more so than in the morning.  Just keep in mind that all parts of the park can be productive for wildlife and the parking lot/entrancway is some of our best habitat to see the Bobcat, Barn Owl, or our wintering LaSagra's Flycatcher.

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