29 November 2012

The Old Farm House

My family built this house in 1854 on our plantation.  The land was deeded to our family generations ago, seven brothers divided the land, and somehow, it has stayed in the family.  My grandfather renovated the upstairs a few years back and put in the windows on the second floor but other than a few small renovations, it has stayed untouched.

When Potter's Raid (an offshoot of Sherman's troops) came through burning every plantation house on the coast, the Northern troops spared us.  Our house was only one of two houses not burnt to the ground between Georgetown and Kingstree, South Carolina.  I don't know why those soldiers didn't burn our plantation house down but I'm so grateful they didn't.  I love this old house, this farm, this family.  I don't believe in slavery and I am glad the South lost the war so we could be reunited with our country but I love my family's farm.  I love this old house and it's creaky floors.  I love this plantation and I love our southern traditions.  There's no place like home...

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