10 June 2012

Savannah Cat at Daggerwing Nature Center

On Friday I spent my work day at Daggerwing Nature Center since Green Cay is closed for boardwalk repairs. On arrival I found the two staff members excited by a recent wild cat sighting. We went to the tower and looked for it but it was gone, either hiding in the nature preserve or it had continued down the canal area and on towards the Loxahatchee Widllife Refuge.  Once back inside they were able to deduce that the cat in question was a Savannah Cat or Servial.  Savannah Cats are a hybrid between a Servial and a domesticated house cat.  The cat they saw was either a large Savannah Cat or a Servial itself.  I wish I had seen it myself!

You never know in Florida what kind of exotic you may encounter.  I had already seen a Basilisk and a Curly-tailed Lizard that morning on my drive to Daggerwing.  What exotic is next to take over South Florida?

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