23 May 2012

Herps in Key West

While at Fort Zachary State Park, Emily and I witnessed more than just bird life.  We were treated to the mating rituals of a pair of Six-lined Racerunners (Cnemidophorus sexlineatus).  They chased each other and there was even some biting before consent was given. 

Racerunners weren't the only herps around the park.  We found a pretty large iguana basking by the fort.  It showed no fear like most of the iguanas around Palm Beach and allowed close inspection.

As we made one more loop through the nature trail we found a very obliging Black Racer that posed for photos.  It was three feet long and slinked off after we walked away.  Our time at the state park was short but full of wildlife.  We celebrated the birds and herps with one of the best meals I've had in Florida at The Cafe in Key West.  I can't recommend this place enough.

This past weekend I was supposed to be birding the Keys again but due to some complications the trip was cancelled.  I'm hoping in a few weeks I'll make the trek down and look for summer specialties like Mangrove Cuckoo, Antillean Nighthawk, and Roseate Tern.

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