10 April 2012

Yard Hive

EmilyLark has the cutest little cottage in South Miami. The yard is proving to be a great birding opportunity. I'll post soon about the Hill Mynas we recently saw in the front yard. While I was taking photos of the Hill Mynas we noticed that the small bee hive in a hole of a branch had made some vast size changes. Now the hive is hanging out of the hole and down the branch. In the afternoon sun the comb was a rich golden brown color. I hope these bees stay friendly. Judging from the irregular shaped hive they could be africanized. I'll keep you posted on what happens next. I hope it's not like my favorite large hive on my daily commute. The wind took it down a few weeks back. I found it smashed on the sidewalk the day I went to take photos. Good luck little yard bees!

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