03 April 2012

Bobby Falco Visits the Vet

Bobby Falco, our education American Kestrel, recently suffered an injury that he is still recuperating from. A while back we found him with a swollen foot. I started him on antibiotics but nothing seemed to change. Upon closer inspection we saw a very thin line on his leg. I couldn't imagine what the black line could be, his cage is free of debris and how a piece of string could get in there was hard to fathom. I thought that somehow he must have injured himself on the cage.

Even with the meds he didn't seem to be changing so I booked a vet appointment and boy was I glad that I did, the day of his appointment showed the foot had swollen even more. Now I was really concerned. Luckily, our vet knew immediately what had happened and took him to cut out the object.

A few minutes later the vet was back with Bobby Falco in tow. He gave me a little bag with Bobby's instrument of trauma. Somehow a very small piece of his jess was torn off and had become wrapped around his leg. Since the bird's immune system was trying to remove the foreign object it had become swollen.

Now Bobby Falco is back home and on more medicine. I hope he makes a full recovery. You never know what will happen when you're in charge of taking care of animals. We have everything from a Pine Snake to American Alligators to an Eastern Screech-owl at the nature center. Thank you Shores Animal Clinic for getting our bird back up to speed!

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