13 December 2011

Baby Bobcats


We have our fair share of Bobcats at Green Cay but recently we have had a little mini-explosion.  Our resident female has had FOUR babies!  It's been a treat to watch the little ones eat and play.  Of course with the score of photographers around these photos don't do the little ones justice but I had to share with you the cute little fluff balls. 

They Bobcat family was first spotted two weeks ago at the "alligator hole" where one of our female alligators had a huge nest this summer.  For the whole day and into the next one, the family entertained our visitors while they kittens feasted on American Coot.  The photo above shows one of the babies picking the coot up and dragging it around.  The following photo shows you one of the kittens eating.


Next time you're out at Green Cay for a visit don't forget to check all the understory for this great little family.  The mother is pretty protective so it's best to keep a distance.  I hope that the hordes of people visiting don't scare them away to more inaccesibile areas of the park.  Here's one last digibinned shot of a little Bobcat baby tail. 

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