15 December 2011

Gamecam Black Bears

These photos were taken by a gamecam in the western parts of the Everglades.  I have had the pleasure of seeing a Black Bear in Florida once up in Ocala National Park but never one this far south.  However I have seen scat markings from what I thought was a Black Bear in Everglades National Park so I know they are around.  These photos come from a friend that has access to a few game cameras in Collier County.  I hope you enjoy!

Black Bear




Holly said...

Enjoy very much! I have seen many bears in Collier - along Janes Trail and at my (former) wilderness camp near Fakahatchee Strand. Thanks for posting the pix!

Eva Matthews said...

Holly, glad you liked the bears. I have been meaning to take a trip to the Fakahatchee Strand. Any tips on the best place to camp?

Holly said...

Eva, no suggestions for camping ;( I always stayed at my camp when I was there, or someplace further away as part of a trip (Naples, Fort Myers, Keys) Since the State took my camp away for the State Forest, I gots no place to go now ;(