22 November 2011

Shark Valley Biking and Birding

Shark Valley is an extension of Everglades National Park.  For some reason I have never had the pleasure of checking it out but on our little farm stay weekend Emily and I brought our bikes for a nice exploration. 
We biked, we birded, we butterflied, we watched the big puffy clouds drift over the blue sky.  It was a nice day and we had a lot of fun on the trail.  I am ready to go back when the weather is even cooler!  The best bird was hearing multiple Marsh Wrens and seeing a huge flock of Tree Swallows.  The butterfly diversity was pretty good too with some nice sulphurs and Zebra Longwings.  We sat on a bench and watched the butterflies for a good time.  The only thing missing was lunch.  Next time we'll make better plans and stay longer.
If you have a bike then you should check out Shark Valley. It's such a nice trail and the ride is easy going. I highly recommend this trip if you want to see an up-close view of the Glades.

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Holly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Eva!! I couldn't get out to tell you in person, but wanted to say I was thinking of you.