21 November 2011

Paradise Farm Stay

Right outside Miami in the Redlands is a little mecca of serenity, Paradise Farms Organic.  Emily and I had one of the best weekends there recently.  I saw my first Jackfruit trees and Starfruit trees.  We had at least 8 species of butterfly fluttering about the farm.  It was just a relaxing, peaceful respite from the busy work week.
After arriving we strolled about the farm and ate kumquats and flowers.  We also looked for birds and insects.  A Red-shoudered Hawk was our first bird on the farm and gave us great up-close looks.

We explored old structures and near the greenhouse we had a cooperative Ruby-throated Hummingbird. 
By the nursery we also found some active bee hives.  We sat on a nearby rock from a distance and spied on them with our binoculars.  It was just a nice relaxing day around the farm.

Gabriella, the farm's owner welcomed us with both arms.  We had a snack of pesto pasta and fresh fruit after we met her.  We also sampled the flowers below and they were very good.
After our farm exploration we went to the Robert Is Here farm stand and had snacks.  We also were entertained by a nice guy playing some very fun music.  It was just a lot of fun hanging out here and sampling the fares.

We traveled down to Lucky Hammock but things seemed quiet so we walked the Annex for a little while and after we realized the breeze was too much we decided to head back to our farm stay.  We spent the evening reading and relaxing.
On the way out we grabbed a couple of starfruit and said our goodbyes.  The best part was our weekend adventure was not over, next we headed to Shark Valley.  To hear all about that tale you'll have to come back tomorrow.

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