25 October 2011

Yellow-green Vireo

So many rarities have been popping up in South Florida lately.  Just this past week we had a Kirtland's Warbler and a White-fronted Goose.  I wasn't able to chase either of those but I did get a lifer this month, the Yellow-green Vireo that hung around Matheson Park for a week.  I went on the first and second days it was discovered.  I missed it the first evening but being there early in the AM paid off.  The vireo made appearances three times in four hours, each one brief but substantial enough for identification purposes.

I also had the chance to see a Philadelphia Vireo and many warbler species during this time.  But one of the best parts was spending some time birding with new and old friends alike.  Birding often becomes a solo effort but it's always more fun with friends. 

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