24 September 2011

North America Migration Count

The Green Cay count was loads of fun this year and we had 55 species for the day with 504 individuals. Thanks to Holly, Andy, Emily, and Linda we were able to find 9 warbler species, 2 vireos, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, and a few FOS species like Green-winged Teal and Sora. We had a few big misses such as White-winged Dove, Cattle Egret, and Black Vulture. With more time we may have been able to pick up 5 or more species and break 60 but it was a great count and one of our best.

Here's the break-down for those that are interested:
[_4___]____Double-crested Cormorant
[_1___]____Great Blue Heron
[_7___]____Great Egret
[_1___]____Snowy Egret
[_4___]____Little Blue Heron
[_10__]____Tricolored Heron
[_5___]____Green Heron
[_3___]____Black-crowned Night-Heron
[_26__]____White Ibis
[_3___]____Glossy Ibis
[_1___]____Roseate Spoonbill
[_1___]____Wood Stork
[_7___]____Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
[_1___]____Green-winged Teal
[_21__]____Mottled Duck
[_21__]____Blue-winged Teal
[_1___]____Turkey Vulture
[_1___]____Cooper's Hawk
[_3___]____Red-shouldered Hawk
[_1___]____Purple Gallinule
[_130_]____Common Moorhen
[_15__]____Rock Pigeon
[_4___]____Mourning Dove
[_4___]____Chimney Swift
[_1___]____Ruby-throated Hummingbird
[_1___]____Belted Kingfisher
[_5___]____Red-bellied Woodpecker
[_22__]____Blue Jay
[_43__]____Fish Crow
[_12__]____Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
[_6___]____Northern Mockingbird
[_1___]____Brown Thrasher
[_1___]____Loggerhead Shrike
[_12__]____European Starling
[_1___]____White-eyed Vireo
[_1___]____Red-eyed Vireo
[_2___]____Northern Parula
[_1___]____Cape May Warbler
[_2___]____Black-throated Blue Warbler
[_3___]____Yellow-throated Warbler
[_3___]____Prairie Warbler
[_2___]____American Redstart
[_1___]____Northern Waterthrush
[_1___]____Common Yellowthroat
[_10__]____Northern Cardinal
[_39__]____Red-winged Blackbird
[_23__]____Boat-tailed Grackle
[_2___]____Common Grackle
*Egyptian Goose

Thanks again count crew, you guys made this one a lot of fun!

 Photo by Emily Lark, this was her first official NAMC and she was in charge of counting all the Anhingas.


Holly said...

It WAS fun - thanks for inviting me along again!

Eva Matthews said...

Of course! Go ahead and mark your calendar for May, I'll be needing you again.