25 September 2011

Job Offers and Good News

October 1st marks Palm Beach County's new fiscal year 2012.  The three County nature center were on the chopping block this year and there was a real possibility that not only would we close but all the staff would be laid off.  I spent the summer with my pink slip in hand and hoping that things would turn in our favor.  Finally, the Commissioners voted to keep our jobs and a big sigh of relief was felt.  Fortunately, the next week I was offered a job interview with Oleta River State Park.  I have decided to turn down the opportunity since it would be a decrease in pay and a downsize in job but honestly, it was very relieving to see that even if I had lost my job, there was a possibility of new things on the horizon.  

Thank you all, for writing your local politicians, for making calls, for supporting Green Cay during these tough times, and for always believing.  You have made my last few months much more bearable.  I could not have done it without people like you, my volunteers, and my co-workers.

Because of all our supporters I can continue to offer great programs, get kids outdoors, and help people make connections in their everyday life to the outside world.  I am honored to keep working for the Green Cay Nature Center.

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