30 June 2011

Two Leps (Almost) Forgotten

Today was one of those days were I purged the files from my computer.  Going through hundreds of photos and weeding out the unneccessary.  There's no need to keep a 100 photos of Great Blue Herons or even a 100 sunsets shots.  Of course while cleaning there are always little surprises.  These few butterfly captures I took back on the Miami CBC in 2010.  There's nothing fancy about the photography.  I don't own one of those kind of cameras and frankly, I was birding so the photos were more as a record keeping of what was happening on that day.  So on the Viriginia Key segment of the 2010 CBC I have at least two butterfly records.  The first one here is the Tropical Checkered-Skipper, Pyrgus albescens.  This species is seen throughout Florida and across the coastal plain of the Gulf States.  I've seen these skippers at all times of the year and this one was found by the roadside.

The other lep that I found on the 2010 CBC was a Mangrove Buckeye, Junonia genoveva.  This butterfly lives in Southern Florida across the shoreline areas.  I've seen it before in Broward County at Anne Kolb Park.  It's a distinct little fellow and similiar to the others in the buckeye family.

Many thanks to the Kaufman Field Guide to Butterflies of North America.  I enjoy checking out my local leps and this guide allows me easy identification.  I highly recommend it if you're in the market for an ID book.

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