29 April 2011

Lifer American Golden-Plover at Cutler

I'm itching to tell you about the lifers of Puerto Rico but first I should share with you my last ABA bird that I saw recently in Miami. A few weeks ago I drove down to Culter Wetland to see my very first American Golden Plover. When I first arrived I immediately saw the shorebird frenzy of dowitchers and sandpipers right near the shoreline. The plover was farther out in the wetland but seen easily with a scope.

Here you can see expanse of wetland and below you will see my little plover sitting all alone on a spit of land. A nearby Black-necked Stilt gives good size comparison.

A closer look of the plover was had with the aide of a fellow birder. He even allowed me to take a few digiscoping shots. I am definitely ready to buy a scope soon. I'm hoping by next year's Panama trip I will have the one I want. Until then, please share if you have any suggestions. I'm willing to put some money into the purchase.

I love this shot as the plover looks skyward. Perhaps a shadow cast down or a flyover was taking place. Regardless, it was fun watching the bird in its element.

Thank you Miami birders for an excellent find and also for the gentleman that let me watch the American Golden Plover unlimited, thank you as well though I didn't catch your name.

Cutler Wetlands is a must visit spot if you're in and around Miami. This is the same place I saw my lifer flamingo just a couple years back.

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