24 December 2008

Top Ten Lifers of 2008: Number 8

We're going back to Miami-Dade for my Number 8 bird, the American Flamingo.

Reports had been swirling on the birdboard about a flamingo at Cutler Wetlands. I had always figured that in order to see one of these birds a boat or kayak and some mud flats in the Everglades would be involved but instead I saw my lifer flamingo at a residential wetland outside Miami. Now, I'm not going to complain that seeing this bird was so easy but it did take some of the fun out of the chase. Andy and I merely followed the directions to Cutler, pulled off the road, and looked to the center of the water. There was our bird without any problems of sinking mud or rabid mosquitoes, which we would have found elsewhere.
Regardless that the chase was small seeing a wild countable flamingo is awe inspiring. There's something about these birds that attract the imagination. And in the words of my good friend Rupp, they are one sexy bird.

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